Wednesday, December 7, 2011

At the park

Good morning.

I decided today to post from the park I go when I go on my walk. I'm tried to keep up with my goal to lose weight. Yesterday I walked six miles. Five miles by myself. And another miles walking Rocky for his morning walk. I don't think he likes to walk far. But I wanna keep him as healthy as I can.

I believe when I woke up I was 285.8 and after my walk I was 283.6. I haven't weigh myself yet this morning. As soon as I get I will do it. Sometimes it's hard to do everything before I go out especially before rocky has had his walk.

Last nite I was texting my ex. I was telling him that I was trying I lose weight. He was like u don't need to. U look fine the way u are.And he like I like your curves. I said to him thanks I appreciate u saying that. I really do need to lose the weight. Cuz I don't wanna have to deal with diabetes like other people in my family do. He was like I just want you to be healthy. He always made me feel like my size didn't matter. He cared about me the way I was. I makes me feel good.

I will be back later to update my weight. Ttyl.

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