Thursday, January 19, 2012

Been a while

Its been a while since i have blogged. I have now finally getting back I to shape again. Now that the holidays are gone. I gained a lot while they were here. I got lazy I guess. With that 13 pounds came back. My mom was like u need to start losing weight again. You're getting big again. Harsh but the truth.
I got on the scale and it was 298. I was like holy shit. I never wanna see 300 pounds again. It definitely comes back fast. Weight loss is an ongoing process. I decided to get back to what I was doing before. I was successful back when I lost 50 pounds. This time I changed it up. I joined a gym. So I would have some kind of commitment with this weight loss. I joined youfit. It's an inexpensive gym. 20 bucks a month. I really wanted a gym with a pool. But it makes no sense if I can't swim. When I get get skinnier my plan is to take swimming lessons. there is no way I'm living in Florida with not knowing how to swim. Everything comes in time I guess.

Anyways well I guess I had a lot of water weight. I dropped like 13 pounds in 11 days. I know this is not the norm to lose that much in a week. It definitely tells me I need to continue. I have a goal to drop as much water as I can before the summer comes. I really want to go back to NY to visit. I would like to look like I have accomplished something in the time I left from there. I'm more determined now then ever. I just need to save the money to go. I miss my friends so much. I need to get away from here for a bit. Don't get me wrong I love the weather here. But my heart is in my. I gotta get going now and walk my two miles home. Laters.

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