Friday, September 9, 2011

My day

Well my day start at 915 which was a miracle cuz Rocky never let's me sleep past 815 in the morning. I do miss sleeping late. Maybe one day I will get to sleep again. Havin' a puppy is work! Otherwise I did my 4 mile walk. I swear I lost like two pounds at least on it. Maybe I should be jogging. Im not sure if that is a wise choice. I feel like I need to lose more weight before I can take on the task of jogging. I feel at 274 pounds jogging might be too much for my body. Plus it's still too hot here in Florida. Granted I see a lot of other person doing it. But they are in better shape then I am.
I'm excited about going to disney in a few weeks. And I'm trying to lose as much weight as possible before I go. I know I will gain some weight being there. How much can four days in Disney do? anyway now I'm off to get dinner at my parents.

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