Thursday, September 8, 2011

My First Post

Hey everyone. My name is Patty. I'm 31 years old and live in southwest Florida. I just moved here from New York. Yes I know another New York transplants to Florida. I have been here for six months which has gone by quickly. Somethings have changed since I moved here. I got a puppy named Rocky. I'm still trying to find a job here.

I have always been an overweight child who grew into an overweight adult. Yes I have at some points in my life, I have tried to lose weight. When I was around 15 years old, I lost around 60 pounds. I went from being 240 to 180. But as time went on I gain all of it back and more.

Let's get back to the present now. Moving to Florida was not an easy choice. I left my life, friends and job. At the time I was running out of options and didn't want to be stuck. It's definitely not easy to live in NY. Florida was an opportunity for me to live some where else and see what happens. Part of my reason for moving here was to get healthy. I never had the time to do it when I was in NY. There was alway excuses and stuff happening. Let's face it we all have excuses.

When I moved here I was about 320. Yes i said it 320 pounds. I knew I had to do something. I started to cut down on what I was eating. My old job I worked the night shift and got home late. Oh course eating at 100 am in the morning is bound to put some weight any person. I knew when I was here I didnt have to eat that late. About a month later I had my first doctor's appointment here. I got on the scale in the office and it said 313.6. I was down pounds. Then I met the doctor. Now I have gone to many doctors in my life. Yes many of them told me, you need to lose weight. Fine. This doctor that I went here was like you need to lose weight now. She told mm my thyroid may be the problem and I needed a scan of it to see if it's the problem. And basically asked me if I was depressed and was trying to push pills on me. Now I may be a lot of things. She assumed that just because I was fat that I was depressed. I was never so insulted in my life. People can be fat and be happy. So she was like come back in a month and let's see what's going on with everything.

I went back a month later. And of course the sonogram of my thyroid was fine. My blood work was fine to except that was I anemic. I was happy to hear that I was healthy to some degree. My next dr was the gyno dr. For the most part of my life, I have always had a normal period. I skipped maybe three times in my life. I have friends who had PCOS. At the time, my period was being weird. He was like you have PCOS. And you need to lose 70 pounds at least to get things back to normal. Here is Birth Control to help you. For some reason, I have issues with birth control. I get these bad headaches on it. It's a like never endind sinus headache. So I left his office just dumb founded. I was like really have PCOS. So I finally went to endocologist. I told him everything. I think I gave him a big laugh. He was like you don't have PCOS. What you do have is Vitimin D issue. I was like I knew something wasn't right. He did give me some type of peace of mind. I believe I was around 300 went I went to him.

After leaving I decided it's time to finally start to lose weight. I gave myself a challenge to see how much I could lose in 90 days. Starting on June 1st. I didn't have a job . So now is the opportunity to do this. I started walking 3 miles a day . I have cut out soda. I believe my last cup of soda was in the end of June.I drink so much water now. I don't get as bloated as I was before. I started to lose some more weight. I went from 320 to 276. So of my clothes are getting bigger. I wish I could lose it all over night. But I didn't get fat overnight so I won't get skinny overnight either. I haven't really decided how much I really want to lose. I know I want to get down to at least 150. But I have to see what I look like at the size to know if I need to lose more. I do think have gotten a good start at least. I hope having this blog will help me. I do need somewhere to vent. I will be back later to update more.

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